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  • Bob Gray in first company car of Gray Electric in Mauston, WI
  • Bob and Evelyn Gray of Gray Electric in Mauston, WI
  • Bob Gray in first company car of Gray Electric in Mauston, WI
  • Gray Electric serves the Mauston and Tomah Community for over 60 years
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From Humble Beginnings

Proudly serving both Mauston and Tomah and the area for over 60 years, Gray Electric is the leading residential and commercial, and industrial electrical service provider in the region. Robert & Evelyn Gray started this electrical business in 1959 with only a station wagon and themselves as the only employees. Bob's first job was putting in electrical service in a church in New Miner, while Evelyn handled the bookkeeping. Through the years, the business has grown to a larger team of talented electrical contractors and dedicated staff, and a fleet of 14 trucks including a 40' lift truck, a Digger Derek truck, and a 70' lift truck for better commercial electrical service. With Robert's retirement in 1999, his son Jeff, and Jeff's wife Melanie took over the business and remains the current owner.

From troubleshooting electrical outlets that are out, to lights that won't light up. We provide new circuits and power outlets as well. If you are lighting up a single room or an entire warehouse, we can do it! The main goal of Gray Electric for has always been quality customer service. That goal has been attained with the professional, competent, and caring employees. Our trained and experienced Mauston electricians and Tomah Electricians can come over and take a look at the problems you are having. We are here when you need us! No job is too big or too small so just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and helping out with any electrical problems you may be experiencing. Mauston has been a wonderful home to have a business and grow a family.

The main goal of Gray Electric for has always been quality customer service. That goal has been attained with the professional, competent, and caring employees.

Mission Statement

Gray Electric is dedicated to providing superior service and products, resulting in long term trust, loyalty and success of customers, employees and communities we serve. .

Why Choose Gray Electric of Mauston and Tomah Wisconsin

Electricity is one of the fundamental considerations you've got to take when buying or building a home and business. Determining the nature of your needs and how they can be best met in the context of the home and business you have is an important step to take in determining how much you absolutely need to spend on this aspect of construction. It's possible to do this on your own, but in order to really get it done right and as quickly as possible, you'll need the help of Mauston Electrician, Gray Electric.

Wouldn't you like to work with a mauston electrician or tomah electrician that cares about your needs

Electricity is one of the most major expenses people have to face as company or individual. Electrical consumption accounts for about half of a one's annual utility costs, making it a serious budget concern. Fortunately, there are definitely ways to address unnecessarily high electrical bills, many of which can be undertaken immediately. The only drawback to self-installed methods is that they're usually minor, and rarely result in sufficient reductions in billing costs. This is because the only truly useful reductions are the ones that have to be made by a qualified professional, so the only way to radically reduce your electrical bill is to talk to an electrician from Wisconsin.

They'll consult with you, determining all the relevant details regarding your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual electrical consumption. From there, they'll help you install the most pressing upgrades to your wiring to increase electrical efficiency on the supply-side, which can drastically reduce electrical bills both in the short term and long run. Unlike many electrical services, our electrical contractors from Mauston and Tomah have quite a bit of experience in ensuring these recommendations are the most accurate, and have your best interest in mind before the size of the bill.

Trust A Professional For Your Own Safety and Protection

The risks of entering the electrical wiring of your home and appliances without the proper training are great. It's easy to injure oneself by crossing the wrong wires, running excessive amperages through the wiring, or just touching the wrong thing due to improper grounding. Gray Electric's Mauston and Tomah electricians will deal with all these risks safely and professionally, so you can enjoy new wiring and relief from common electrical problems without having to go through the trouble of fixing it yourself.

Gray Electric makes getting electrical service easy.

When you choose Gray Electric for your residential or commercial or industrial electrical installation and repair, you can trust us to provide quality craftsmanship with a commitment to safety. Our highly skilled and certified electricians are dedicated to providing quality of our customers' lives by increasing comfort, safety and value.

Gray Electric makes getting electrical service easy.  With just one call, a service tech will arrive at your home or business, quote a firm price and guarantee their work 100%. We make it easy!  

Your satisfaction is guaranteed
Our family-owned company has deep roots in the Mauston and Tomah, Wisconsin.  We serve the Mauston and Tomah area and all the towns and cities of Juneau County, Monroe County, Adams County and more.

We're proud of our long-term business relationships with our customers and look forward to building that trust with you.

Gray Electric offers a Residential Protection Plan and Peace of Mind


Gray Electric is also a great service to turn to for standard electrical maintenance. All of the above problems with "creaky" outlets, broken wiring, and derelict electrical arrangements will strike in force if you don't do regular electrical maintenance. Of course, finding someone willing to do your electrical maintenance without ripping you off can be difficult. It's easy for electricians to suggest fixes or maintenance procedures that aren't necessary, just to make a buck. Luckily, our Mauston and Tomah Electrician has its customer's best interest in mind, and guarantees accurate appraisals and counseling. That way, you can focus on paying the bills that have to be paid, rather than on some novelty upgrade you can't imagine having needed until your electrician told you about it. This keeps you out of the kind of financial trouble an electrician should be keeping you out of.

Another huge advantage to maintenance by a Mauston Electrician or Tomah Electrician is the fact that it just lasts. Customers everywhere have commented on the consistency of their maintenance services. They use top-of-the-line equipment without breaking the bank on you, and by ensuring safe and tight installations of any and all equipment, you can be sure you'll actually be able to enjoy using your electrical system again.

Solve your electrical problems and call Gray Electric today