Electrical Repair & Installation

A professional electrical panel inspection from our team at Gray Electric can ensure your panel is operating efficiently and is compliant with local standards and codes.

Additionally, an inspection can locate and diagnose a problem before it occurs, such as appliance malfunction, shocks or burns, dimming lights, or tripped breakers. Proactive and preventative electrical inspections can save you significant hassles and money on greater repairs in the future.

We offer these inspections in Mauston, Tomah, and throughout the surrounding Wisconsin areas.

Our Electrical Panel Inspection Services

Our goal is to keep your family safe and help prevent serious electrical issues in the future. Since we perform these professional electrical panel inspections, you can only benefit by scheduling one with our team. Whether as part of an electrical house inspection or a separate panel inspection, having your electrical panel checked is important to ensuring the health of your electrical system.

As part of an overall home electrical inspection, an electrical wiring inspection and electrical panel inspection can help identify any problems in your electrical system that need immediate attention.

When it comes to any type of home inspection, electrical panel inspections are crucial. With an electrical panel upgrade inspection, you can know whether the existing panel is reliable or needs repair or replacement.

Get a Professional Electrical Panel Inspection

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