With Wisconsin being cool for a large portion of the year, there truly couldn’t be a better place to own a hot tub. Hot tubs let you get out and let loose a little more in the wintertime, without fear of the freezing temps.

Investing in a hot tub can be an excellent addition to your home, providing a source of relaxation, therapy, and entertainment. However, before you dive into purchasing a hot tub, it’s crucial to consider various factors, particularly in the electrical realm and if you’re living in the land of frost and snow.

You see them all over the internet — articles with alluring titles like “DIY and Save” even “Wire a Hot Tub without Paying an Electrician.” But Wisconsin hot tub installation is not really such a simple task. This type of wiring can involve all kinds of unforeseen details; you may even need to upgrade your electrical service to accommodate the increased power load. Here are five tips to help keep your wallet safe from frost bite, when planning to get a hot tube installed at your Wisconsin home or property.

1. Amp Up Your Electrical Capacity Before you start dreaming of warm relaxation, it’s essential to check if your home’s electrical system can handle your hot tub. Hot tubs need some serious electrical muscle, so call in an electrician to assess your panel’s capacity. We don’t want your hot tub causing your home to have flickering lights and tripped breakers. If you are in need of a certified, reliable electrician, call our team at Gray Electric at 608.847.6209.

‍2. Voltage Matters: 120V vs. 240V-The Power Play In the battle of voltages, you have two contenders: 120V and 240V. It’s like choosing between a cozy cabin and a luxurious ski resort. The 120V option is like a charming cabin–easier to install and suitable for smaller tubs. However, if you’re dreaming of a lavish hot tub experience with all the bells and whistles, the 240V option is your ski resort getaway. It provides the power needed to run larger tubs and accommodate additional features like jets, lights, and sound systems. Consider your hot tub aspirations and ensure your electrical system can handle the voltage of your dreams.‍

3. Weatherproofing: Winter is Coming! Living in Wisconsin means dealing with cold, snowy winters. When it comes to installing your hot tub outdoors, weatherproofing is crucial. Ensure that your electrical components are protected with weatherproof enclosures and proper insulation. We want your hot tub experience to be a relaxing escape, not a shocking encounter with the elements!

‍4. Safety First: GFCIs In the realm of electrical safety, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are the heroes we need. They protect against electric shock hazards by automatically cutting off power when a fault is detected. Make sure your hot tub is equipped with a GFCI and that it’s installed in compliance with local electrical codes.

‍5. Professional Installation: Don’t DIY and Freeze! When it comes to hot tub installation, we strongly recommend relying on the expertise of professionals.

Why Hire An Electrician?

Electrical Codes

A professional Wisconsin electrician is trained and experienced at following the complex requirements of the Wisconsin Electrical Codes as well as Federal Electrical Codes and standards, including its many revisions and updates. This enables him to pull the necessary permits and wire your hot tub in a manner that will both ensure your safety and satisfy the requirements to pass an electrical inspection.


If the unthinkable happens and a hot tub electrical problem causes an accident, your insurance provider will need to see the certificate proving your hot tub installation passed inspection. If you skipped this important process, your chances of a settlement are very, very unlikely.

Even under less tragic circumstances, your insurer may order an electrical inspection of your home (perhaps as part of an update or because you’re changing companies). When this happens, you want to be sure that your home wiring, including your hot tub, is 100% safe and professional.

Trained Professionals

Let’s be blunt here and rephrase the question. Instead of “Do I need an electrician to wire my hot tub?” ask instead “Who would I prefer to trust with my safety (and perhaps my very life) – a trained, licensed professional electrician or an amateur following instructions he got off of YouTube?”

Attempting a DIY project with electrical work is like braving a Wisconsin blizzard without a coat’s just asking for trouble! Hire a licensed electrician experienced in hot tub installations to ensure proper wiring, grounding, and adherence to electrical codes. Your safety and peace of mind are worth every penny. If you are in need of an electrician now, call our team at Gray Electric in Mauston, Wisconsin at 608.647.6209. We would love to help you!

Before you take the plunge of buying a hot tub, remember to prioritize the electrical aspects:

  • Assess your electrical capacity and decide on the right voltage for your dream hot tub experience.
  • Weatherproof your installation.
  • Ensure the presence of a GFCI.
  • Leave the electrical work to the professionals!

By following these guidelines, you’ll be soaking in warmth and relaxation without worrying about any electrical chills. If you are looking for expert, licensed electricians to help you with your hot tub, give us a call at Gray Electric at 608.847.6209. Our team of reliable electricians are highly trained, licensed, bonded, insured and prepared to help with whatever electrical need you have.