Broken Outlets & Electrical Switches

Electrical work is best left to licensed and insured professionals. There are so many electrical components which are hidden from your sight. This means you could have a problem and not realize the issue exists until a major electrical catastrophe occurs. 

Our team at Gray Electric is committed to showing up and doing the job right the first time. We want to be your go-to guys for any electrical issue, big or small. You can trust that all of your electrical work, both seen and behind the wall, will be performed by the book.

Installation and Repair of Electrical Components

When you choose our team of professionals to handle a broken outlet box, broken circuits, and broken wiring, you can feel confident that the work has been completed properly. It is important to not only have your outlets and switches working again, but to know they were fixed properly and according-to-code.

Our services for broken outlets, electrical switches, are designed to:

  • Restore Electrical Function to Your Home
  • Prevent Future Electrical Issues
  • Prioritize Safety

Whether you need repair or replacement work for broken circuits, or a broken electrical outlet box, we have you covered. We also provide electrical planning and electrical wiring services to optimize the efficiency and performance of your electrical system.

Get Electrical Component Installation and Repair

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