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You may not have thought much about the doorbells in your home, but their presence makes many things easier. They are a vital part of the property; however, they often get overlooked. Most people don’t give a second thought to which doorbell they should install in their home. Think about it; with only a press, you are alerted of a presence outside your home. Your neighbors, delivery people, friends, and relatives announce their visit through a doorbell.

Doorbells alert you of visitors via a sound that you are meant to hear regardless of what room you are in. However, some bells in the market aren’t as loud; therefore, they fail to emit a prominent noise to alert you. Therefore, you have to be careful about which bell you should install in your home since it is imperative for you to be alert about any presence that enters.

Similarly, because of so many options in the market with different colours, styles, features, and materials, it is increasingly difficult to determine which one is good for your home.

Moreover, you should think about your preferences; for instance, what doorbell would you prefer? A Nest doorbell with a monthly subscription, a wireless doorbell that sends a notification directly to your smart device, or a conventional doorbell that people can press easily.

Types of Doorbells You Should Consider for Your Home

Doorbells are a necessary addition in all homes. In fact, some people think a wireless doorbell goes incredibly well with a home automation system. Regardless of what type of doorbell you may choose in the end, you have to ensure that it fits perfectly with your requirements.

Here we have a list of six most popular and favorable doorbells in the current market. There is no wrong choice with either of these options. However, remember to install these bells with the help of an electrician Vancouver to avoid any malfunction or improper installation.  

1.      Traditional Doorbells

A conventional and typically wired doorbell is probably the market’s most common type of bell. It has various types of chimes installed in the home system with a button mounted outside the door for people to use when they arrive.

When people press the button, it sends electric currents through the house and to the chime unit, which then plays a sound to alert the visitor’s presence.

One of the main benefits of installing a traditional doorbell is that you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or locating it in a specific location. However, one drawback is that they are challenging to install. They require electrical wiring, and if they aren’t correctly installed, then they won’t work.

Additionally, when there is a power outage, conventional doorbells won’t work because they require electricity to operate. Their reliance on electricity is mainly why people don’t use conventional bells anymore since there are more effective options in the market.

2.      Wireless Doorbells

A wireless doorbell has gotten more popular in these recent days. Many homeowners opt for this one because they are easier to install, and you can locate them anywhere in your home. This makes them more accessible and user and space friendly.  

Additionally, they are run on batteries; therefore, you can rest easy knowing you don’t need to worry about wires or short circuits. Plus, most wireless doorbells have multiple features. For instance, motion sensors; are there to send an alert to your mobile whenever there is a presence at the door.

A wireless doorbell is an excellent option if you are searching for a straightforward and cost-effective option. These particular bells are easy to install, you can place them anywhere, they have incredible chimes, and lastly, you won’t need to worry about the wiring procedure in these bells.  

However, the only drawback of these doorbells is that they are relatively shorter range compared to other wired and traditional doorbells.

Therefore, if you live in a big house, this doorbell isn’t likely the best choice for you. Yet again, since you will be getting a notification on your smart device, you may not need the loud alarm.

3.      Motion-Activated Doorbells

Motion-activated doorbells are bells that will mainly provide extra security for your home. Motion-activated bells are considered to be a fit for all average homes. They are activated whenever they sense action or a movement. This quality provides you with an additional layer of security.

A few high-end doorbells can capture videos as well, which makes them an incredible option for catching any potential intruders.

And yes, these doorbells can be triggered by a strong wind or a passing animal. While this may not seem like a pleasant feature (an alert going through the entire house because a raccoon or a cat passed), it is highly useful when it comes to detecting any unwanted visitors.

Therefore, if you are searching for a bell with an additional layer of protection, you should consider investing in a motion-activated doorbell. Moreover, when people get the option to reduce the risk of welcoming unwanted people, they usually take the opportunity. And since these bells are a public favorite and high-technology, they typically come at a steeper price than others.

4.      Buzzers

While buzzers aren’t typically recommended for residential use, they are not prohibited either. Under most circumstances, commercial settings use buzzers; for example, an office, a store, etc. However, they are getting more common in houses and apartment complexes as well.

There are two main types of buzzers: wireless and wired. Wireless door buzzers are either solar-powered or run on batteries. On the other hand, wired door buzzers are connected to the home system through electrical wiring.

However, compared to wired buzzers, wireless ones are significantly more popular. It is because they are easier to install since they don’t require setting up electrical wires. Additionally, solar-powered buzzers are now more common because you won’t need to change their batteries periodically. And, of course, they are environmentally friendly.

Buzzers are surprisingly compatible with home automation as well. While they aren’t as commonly known as other doorbells, they are still worthy of consideration. They are discreet yet effective pieces that will do their job efficiently.

5.      Video Doorbells

Are you looking for intense security and require an above-average doorbell? You should definitely consider a video doorbell. They are an excellent option for homes that require that additional safety. These doorbells are the epitome of security because they come with a feature where you can see who is at the door without having to open the door.

These bells have a camera that allows you to peek at the visitor, making it easy to distinguish between people you know and those you don’t. This is an excellent way to determine who is at the door, and you can decide whether you welcome them or not.

While they are typically more expensive than other doorbells in the market, they offer benefits like extra features and tight security. The main reason they are so popular is that they give the homeowner a sense of security that isn’t typically present in regular doorbells.

6.      Solar-Powered Doorbells

Solar-powered doorbells are an incredible innovation that many people have favored in these recent years. They are highly environmentally friendly, which makes them an excellent addition to the economy as well. Additionally, they are incredibly easy to install.

With a solar-powered bell, you won’t have to worry about plugging them in a smart switch or changing their batteries periodically. With these doorbells, you can rest assured since they get their power directly from the Sun.

If you live in a place with intense sunlight, you will incredibly benefit from installing solar-powered doorbells. There won’t be any monthly cost or billing since they won’t be running on electricity. However, you have to ensure that you locate the bell in a place where it gets direct sunlight.

Another core advantage of these bells is that they aren’t costly. Solar-powered doorbells come in various styles and designs. Therefore, you can easily find a solar-powered doorbell that fits your taste. They are an excellent way to eliminate your carbon footprint while saving tons of money.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a doorbell is not as complex as some people make it out to be. Once you truly understand each doorbell’s individual characteristics, you can easily choose one for yourself. Doorbells mentioned in this article come in various features and sizes, but most importantly, they will effectively alert the presence of a visitor.

You won’t need to compromise on safety with any of the options. However, beware that you need to hire a reliable and experienced electrician Vancouver for installation. Regardless of electrical wiring, these are delicate components that won’t function if they aren’t properly fixed.

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